Let’s Give This a Try

Whether you’re choosing for yourself or for a character – or for a child – names have baggage of their own.

-Nich Harkaway

So, what’s with the name?

When I told my 15-year old that I began this blog. He asked what the name of the blog was. I said, “The Adversarial Invalid.” He chuckled and asked, “Why? What’s up with the adversarial part?” (he knew what the invalid part meant). I thought for a moment. To say why I named it that aloud was different than how it played out in my head. To describe why was harder…

I’d love to begin this part with a joke. Something clever like, “This one time, a mom, a teacher, and fiery middle-aged woman all walked into a bar…” I mean, I could, because all of those describe me. I’m all those things. I’m also someone who won the short stick of the genetic lottery and these days find myself in pretty crazy pain. And, it sucks. I’ve been pretty introspective in my career, but not so much elsewhere in my life. Well, maybe mothering…introspection comes in handy if you ever commit a big parenting fail, but anything more personal? Nope. Not so much.

Adversarial Invalid. That’s me, too. And, unlike some of the pasty blogs (not the ones with recipes of handheld pies or the ones about how to safely use the sparkly stickers you stick on your breasts) and medical sites I’ve perused about advanced osteoarthritis in young folks like me (okay, 52 isn’t sooo young, but it’s too young for this shit [yes, I will cuss in this blog], maybe I can help others and myself by documenting this journey…the journey to living pain free, thanks to modern medicine and an “I’m tired of this shit” kind of attitude.

Pour a glass of wine and join me.

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